About Us

About Us

We are a startup providing affordable and fashion hearing solution to people with mild and moderate hearing loss. Our name "Melofair" is with our hope to enable every person with hearing loss to hear melody of the world fairly.

Our founder's grandpa has long-term suffered from hearing losses. But he always does not want to wear the hearing aids that can be easily noticed by others. And also, it is too expensive to afford a $3000 hearing aids with doubtful useful life. From the time he got the hearing loss, he interacted less with his friends and separated himself from the society.

Our founder decides to make a change for unhappy people like his grandpa.

We design our products fairly like rechargeable headsets and thus no one would differentiate you from other people listening music with earphones.

We offer our product as annual membership that support quarterly or monthly installment to lower the entry cost to own our products as low as $499/year. And when you renew your membership every year, we will ship you a new pair.

We provide one-month free trial for every new member and thus you can have a time to wear our products yourself. You can always return our products during the one-month free trial and cancel your membership if you are unsatisfied.

Our mission is to let all people with hearing aids are no longer fear to walk into crowds because they refuse to wear noticeable hearing aids or they cannot afford one.

Choose a membership plan for you or your loved today, take this great journey to hear melody of the world!

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