What Are The Advantages of Wearing Hearing Aids?

What Are The Advantages of Wearing Hearing Aids?

What Are the Advantages of Hearing Aids?

There’s a reticence among older Americans concerning their dwindling hearing, despite the benefits modern hearing aid technology offers. Could this be something to do with wanting to be ever young? Or do some folk still believe the disadvantages of outweigh the benefits. Let us find out.

Sure, There Are Some Hearing Aid Side Effects

Hearing aids add a new daily chore that would occupy you for fifteen minutes a day on average, perhaps a few more once a week. The main side effects are as follows (although over 30,000 Melofair customers decided the advantages of hearing aid technology more than compensates for them):

  • You have to charge your hearing aids overnight (or change the batteries every one to two weeks unless you choose rechargeable ones).
  • Moreover, you also have to put them on every morning, and remove them before you sleep, take a shower or luxuriate in a bath.
  • Hearing aids accumulate small amounts of ear wax you have to clean out. This is much easier of you have earbuds, and not molded ear pieces

  • They also make everything much louder in the beginning until your brain adjusts (although you could turn the volume down real easy).
  • You may hear sounds in the next room like whispered conversations, neighbors’ dogs barking and the rain falling on the roof.

However, the Advantages of Melofair Hearing Aids Outweigh These

We’re done with the main disadvantages of hearing aids, except to mention you may feel a little self-conscious at first. But it won’t be long before you realize nobody notices until you point them out. With that behind you, you’ll seldom notice them either, unless they beep you a message to recharge, or replace the batteries.


Melofair hearing aids use digital rechargeable technology so there are settings you can use to adjust them. They are also rechargeable so you don’t have ongoing expenses. This gives the promise of crisp clear sound every time, as long as you recharge them at night while you are asleep.

Our hearing aids also have volume controls you can adjust without removing them. This means you can ‘tune out’ whispered conversations you prefer not to hear. Not to mention shouting kids and announcements over store intercoms.


Now we’re not saying for a moment you should not have a hearing examination every two years. However, the ones you get at hearing aid stores are often to prove you are hard of hearing and you know that already.

A typical test that way will also involve making expensive molds of your outer ears. Melofair hearing aids avoid side effects like these, because they are in-the-ear coming with a series of ear domes that do the same job.


  • You can hear your life partner clearly when they speak to you at normal volume. You don’t get into those escalating discussions whose fault it is they don’t come across clearly to you. Your home becomes a haven of peace again. You wonder why you took so long to get around to hearing aids.

  • Dining out and dinner parties become a pleasure. In fact one of the greatest advantages of Melofair hearing aids is you can join in conversations again. Instead of sitting them out like a wall flower, not knowing what is going on.
  • You can speak to cashiers in stores again, and hear what they say when you have a question. It becomes so much simpler to claim your consumer rights when you want to return an item. It’s like you got your freedom back.
  • Having modern hearing aid technology on tap means you can listen to favorite music again. The high notes are back clearly, and the bass sounds are intense as they ever were.
  • You can sit further back at a live show, or your place-of-worship and feel part of the action, not just a passive observer. Perhaps the most pleasurable side effect of hearing aids is the world around you becomes more inclusive and friendlier too.


The hearing aids available from stores are over-priced. That’s because their clients are paying several times over for the same thing. That’s one third of the cost goes to the hearing aid manufacturer. While the balance pays for the running costs, the people serving, the landlord, and the store owner’s share.

But things do not have to be like that! Melofair delivers rechargeable hearing aids direct to customers by fast door-to-door delivery. Everything you should need to improve your hearing arrives within a few days. You’ll wonder why it took so long, to order your new, better-hearing lifestyle you knew you needed.

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