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MeloCare Annual Plan

MeloCare Annual Plan

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A Chance of  Free Replacement for One Year, Secure Any Accidents or Losses, 20%OFF to Upgrade to Our Latest Model, Only $59/Year!

What is MeloCare?

MeloCare is a subscription service providing additional protections, which are not covered by the warranty, for Melofair devices. Each MeloCare plan covers one (1) Free replacement of a Melofair device in the case of loss/theft or uncovered damages by the warranty during the covered period and one (1) chance to Upgrade to Our Any Latest Models at 80% of Listing Price during the covered period.

Why Should I Have MeloCare Annual Plan?

Hearing aids are small delicate devices that can be easily lost, stolen or accidentally damaged. Our customer research shows that 47% customers of hearing aids once experienced loss of at least one of the pair within 2 years after their purchase. Unexpected losses and damages cause only 26% hearing aids can reach their life time. We always hear stories how people lose or damage their hearing aids during hiking, badminton or other kind of activities, and we even once hearing how a dog eats the owner’s hearing aids.

However, losses or thefts are NOT covered by warranties. Warranty only covers limited type of defects and damages from human damages are usually NOT covered (imagine if you accidentally step on the delicate devices during a basketball game). And no insurance company would like to issue a special insurance against losses or accidental damages for your hearing aids.

We do not want to see you refuse to play ball games or other activities with friends just because of your concerns on our products. We want to help you FULLY embrace the society including all the situations that warranty does not cover.

Also, we are glad to announce that every customer of MeloCare Annual Plan would have one chance to Upgrade to Our Any Latest Models at 80% of Listing Price during the covered period.

Thus, we designed MeloCare comes to help you. For a cost as low as $59/year, you can secure a free replacement on any reason in a year. You are not just securing a free replacement, but a FAIR opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, to compete with others, to improve your health condition with sports, and to embrace the society FULLY with no difference from others.

When can I buy MeloCare?

You can only buy a MeloCare plan during the 30 Day Free Trial Period at the time of your device purchase.