About Us

Our Journey: A Journey Staring from A Christmas Gift

Our young founder went to his grandfather’s house for Christmas in 2020 and hoped to buy him a gift using his first month salary. He picked up the memory that his grandfather had hearing loss but never got hearing aids. And his grandfather no longer went out because he did not want to see impatient faces when he had to say “what?”.

He soon consulted the audiologist and he was surprising to find out that a “normal” pair of hearing aids cost him $4,800! And, the hearing aids hang over the ears and everyone can notice it. Furthermore, hearing aids are too small and can be easily lost but there is NO insurance against such losses/theft.

“Why should my grandfather pay thousands for a device with dubious useful life and need to suffer odd stares from others on the devices that should be originally designed to help him re-embrace the society?”

At the moment, our founder realized someone must burden the manifest destiny to destroy the evil and outdated hearing aid monopoly by greedy companies.

Thus, our founder built up a team of engineers and designers around the world and created Melofair, a name with our hope to enable every person with hearing loss to hear MELODY of the world FAIRLY.

Best Gift for Seniors with Hearing loss

Melofair devices cannot be easily distinguished from fashionable TWS earphone in eyes of others and come with the latest digital hearing technology. Every order includes many different earbud sizes to ensure it fits nice and snug! No one will even know you’re wearing your Melofair devices!

Melofair devices are sold for as low as 1% of a traditional pair of hearing aids which usually priced at $3,000 to $7,000. And if you are worrying about loss/theft of such small and delicate device, you can always buy MeloCare that covering a pair of replacement for ANY reason for as low as $39.

Melofair provide one-month free trial for every new member and thus you can have a time to wear our products yourself. You can always return our products during the one-month free trial if you are unsatisfied providing any reason. Our journey is the ocean of stars that empower all people with hearing loss to embrace the society as common people at a fair price.

Medical-Grade Devices that Won't Break the Bank Because of several layers of middlemen between manufacture and retail, customers were paying for far more than they needed to. 

Melofair's DTC Model kicks away middlemen and their greedy markups. Thus we are able to provide sufferers of hearing aids with medical grade hearing aids at a fraction of the price.