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Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable Price Ensured by Our Unique Business Model

Our direct-to-customer and fully online business model cut off all middlemen and costs to provide you best products at lowest price! That is why we can provide you our FDA registered heairng aids at such a fraction of other brands!

No financial burden! At a price of $169, Melofair sells only 5%-10% price of comparable hearing aids! Usually, hearing aids sell for $2000 - $4000 because there are several layers of middlemen (distributors, wholesalers, clinics, hospitals and etc.). Each lays grab money from you to pay their rent, utilities, employee salaries and gain their own profits. One more layer means at least double or triple the price!

There’s no question that Melofair hearing aids are extremely amazing and give ultimate audiologist custom-made specifications. If you can pay for a pair like this, you must go for it. Your listening fitness is worth it, and conventional aids are yet the best choices on the market. But not everybody can pay a few thousand dollars without insurance backing. So what do we do? We all wish for affordable hearing aids for seniors.

Luckily, a few best inexpensive hearing amplifiers online alternatives aren’t cheaply made and can create a difference in your listening fitness. You can anyway upgrade later on if your budget allows. Believe us, Melofair hearing aids are the best gifts for grandparents with hearing loss.

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