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Discreet Hearing Aid

Tiny, Invisible and Latest Technology Hearing Aids for your hearing loss

All discreet or invisible hearing aids are built to be too small and almost hidden. But they do vary little in fit and size – a few are completely invisible inside the ear canal, while some are little visible with part of the machine seated behind the ear. Discreet hearing aids online alternatives to comprise

Earphone Design Would Not Cause Any Others Attention

We understand you may want to keep your hearing health condition a secret! With Melofair, NO others can see hearing loss from our hearing aids' earphone appearance until you want to tell them! We cares not only your hearing, but also your feeling as well!

Choosing between these two categories will certainly rely on your comfort preference and what feels most fit for daily use.

RIC-receiver-in-canal hearing aids and CIC-completely-in-canal hearing aids

Discreet hearing aids fit either fully in the ear or have a slim, hidden profile behind the ear; they're difficult for others to see. This means colleagues, family, neighbors or friends won’t certainly know about a senior's hearing loss unless they want to talk about it with them. People mostly won’t inquire about their aids either, since this aid won’t be noticeable that your grandparents are having one. If you actually value their privacy and want to keep the focus on them and not their hearing loss, Invisible hearing aids online are compact hearing aids, the perfect solution.

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