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Certified Hearing Aid

Professionally Designed For Easy Use

Melofair are approved by FDA as Class I medical devices, and we are also certified by CE, ISO 9001 and ROHS. We always persuade highest golden standard of hearing health solution, to bring to to the real melody of the world fairly. Hearing amplifiers are NOT hearing aids because they amplify all sounds for you including the noise, and they NEVER need to register with FDA as medical devices. Many "hearing aids" are not registered FDA and are not real hearing aids.

One-Button Smart Touch and Designed by Audiology Expert

Melofair uses most advanced technology of charging case to make your hearing aids Fully Rechargeable with USB Charging with indicator light. For only 2 hour charging in the charging case, you can use your hearing aids for up to 16 hours! Feel free to go outdoor with Melofair and our charging case can provide up to 48 hour use on 3-4 charges!

Melofair is one of the best hearing aid brands in the USA Our affordable wireless hearing aids give seniors the ease to connect to external gadgets, such as TV and smartphones by adopting various recent technologies. Adjustments such as program changes or volume changes can easily and effortlessly be made to the hearing devices now by using a smart app on the user's smartphone or remote control, such as a streamer. Buy inexpensive hearing aids online with us.