our-story – Melofair

Special discount of modern hearing aids: This company is changing lives!

When the young audiologist Dr. Howard Donald just got his degree of doctor of audiology, he would not dream of changing the industry. There was an easy waywaiting for him just like peoplewith his academic background: start an audiology center, sell the $4000/pair priced hearing aids and grab $1000/pair commission, while only do some hearing test and customizations of dubious value to customers, just like all other hearing centers in United States.

But the dinner with his friend Jackson Franklin changed his view.

“Is this way really the best way to serve people with hearing loss? Does your professionalism really worth costing so much?”

“To be honest, the hearing aids are too expensive. And even at such price, they are still big and ugly. Once you wear them, everyone would know that you get hearing loss. And you know, many models of hearing aids still require you to buy the specialized batteries to use but cannot be recharged. All my patients complain those stuffs with me every day.”

“If you want to change such a condition and innovate better hearing aids for lower price, I would like to invest some of my savings and maybe we can make people hear better.At last, our parents and we ourselves may also get hearing loss someday. If you are determined, that’s where we start.”
That’s where Melofair started, when by a team of young engineers, audiologists, and entrepreneurs who are determined to change the game rule of hearing aids.
The team gathered top talents from best related fields universities in US likeRush University College of Health (Top 15 Audiology), University of Illinois (Top 5 Electronic & Computer Engineering), Duke University (Top 10 University)and etc.

With best talents and years of development, Melofair provides the revolutionary hearing aids - powerful, fashionable, rechargeable but affordable.