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Rechargable hearing Aids

How to Understand which type of Hearing Aid is Perfect for You?

Latest digital rechargeable hearing aids are much smarter in technology than they were in earlier years. With easy and durable charging, digital rechargeable hearing aids allow you to keep going with your healthy life without bothering about your hearing aids running out of battery life. That's why you should buy rechargeable hearing aids online.

Melofair uses most advanced technology of charging case to make your hearing aids Fully Rechargeable! For only 2 hour charging in the charging case, you can use your hearing aids for up to 16 hours! Feel free to go outdoor with Melofair and our charging case can provide up to 48 hour use on 3-4 charges! No battery cost because Melofair is rechargeable! Traditional hearing aids with battery would cost you another $100-$300 on battery each year! Melofair has 6 Sound Modes that fit most mild to moderate hearing loss and most use scenarios. You never need to worry that you cannot find a mode to get the best sound.

At the same time, Melofair is extremely easy to use with One-button Smart Touch. Just with two actions of long button press and short button press, you can easily turn on/off hearing aids and switch the sound modes!

While many hearing devices come with throwaway batteries, hearing devices without batteries – as rechargeable hearing aids are frequently referred to – are becoming highly popular. Rechargeable hearing aids let you enjoy excellent sound quality without the necessity to buy and replace hearing aid batteries regularly. Melofair provides the best inexpensive hearing aids for seniors.

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