6 Reasons To Choose Melofair Copy

6 Reasons to Choose Melofair

1. Certified High Quality, FDA Registered Real Hearing Aids

Melofair is REAL Hearing Aids registered with FDA as Class I Medical Device and even qualify the strict CE standard in Europe! We are pround to have our quality certified by FDA, CE, RoHS and ISO!

Hearing amplifiers are NOT hearing aids because they amplify all sounds for you including the noise, and they NEVER need to register with FDA as medical devices. Many "hearing aids" are not registered FDA and are not real hearing aids.

Here at Melofair, we always promise you highest standard products to provide you better hearing!

2. Affordable Price Ensured by Our Unique Business Model

No financial burden! At a price of $169, Melofair sells only 5%-10% price of comparable hearing aids! Usually, hearing aids sell for $2000 - $4000 because there are several layers of middlemen (distributors, wholesellers, clinics, hospitals and etc.). Each lays grab money from you to pay their rent, utilities, employee salaries and gain their own profits. One more layer means at least double or triple the price!

Our direct-to-customer and fully online business model cut off all middlemen and costs to provide you best products at lowest price! That is why we can provide you our FDA registered heairng aids at such a fraction of other brands!

3. Earphone Design Would Not Cause Any Others Attention

We understand you may want to keep your hearing health condition a secret!

With Melofair, NO others can see hearing loss from our hearing aids' earphone appearance until you want to tell them!

We cares not only your hearing, but also your feeling as well!

4. Rechargeable Design and Wear Anywhere, No Worry on Battery

Melofair uses most advanced technology of charging case to make your hearing aids Fully Rechargeable!

For only 2 hour charging in the charging case, you can use your hearing aids for up to 16 hours! Feel free to go outdoor with Melofair and our charging case can provide up to 48 hour use on 3-4 charges!

No battery cost because Melofair is rechargeable! Traditional hearing aids with battery would cost you another $100-$300 on battery each year!

5. Fit Multiple Scenes, Easy One-Button Operation

Melofair has 6 Sound Modes that fit most mild to moderate hearing loss and most use scenarios. You never need to worry that you cannot find a mode to get the best sound.

At the same time, Melofair is extremely easy to use with One-button Smart Touch. Just with two actions of long button press and short button press, you can easily turn on/off hearing aids and switch the sound modes!

6. "3012FM" Service Promise Serve You All the Time

30 Day Free Return: Within 30-day from receiving of our products, FREE return for NO REASON during the period!

12 Month Warranty: Warranty for 12 months from purchase

Free Hearing Journey Guide:When receiving our product, call608-389-3999 to get Free Hearing Journey Guide from our Specialist. Specialist will walk you through how to assemble and adapt to your new device.

MeloCare Plan:For AS LOW AS $59/year to get 1-time free replacement for ANY REASON during the covered period. One chance to Upgrade to Our Any Latest Models at 80% of Listing Price during the covered period.