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Elegant Earrings with White and Green Stones in Gold

Elegant Earrings with White and Green Stones in Gold

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Earphone Apperance: No Unwanted Attentions or Odd Stares

No others can see your hearing loss from appearance of Melofair because we design it look completely like common earphones. From Day 1, Melofair cares not only your hearing but your feeling as well.


High Quality Hearing Aids, Registered With FDA

Designed by audiology expert, Melofair isFDA registeredand satisfies European Union’s rigidCE standard. Melofair areREAL medical-level hearing aids, not the hearing amplifiers!


Charge Wirelessly, Use Tirelessly

No more fumbling with tiny batteries. Melofairs are completely rechargeable with portable mini-size charging case. The Wireless Charging Case delivers 16 hours of battery life. No fear of running out of energy when you explore the boundary of your life with friends and families.

  • More than 48 hours of listening time with multiple additional charges in the case
  • Up to 16 hours of listening time on 1 charge
  • Around 1 hour of listening time for only 8 minutes of charging


Multiple Comfortable Dome Sizes for Fit

Your comfort is always our pursuit.Three sizes of soft and flexible silicone domes that click into place are in the accessories of your device.

These tapered domes conform to your ear shape and keep Melofair secure. Find the best fit, Get the best sound.


Six Powerful Sound Modes, One Button Smart Touch

It is never hard to use Melofair. We desiigned magic case absorption fuction, which ensures easy connection between your Melofair and the charging case.

One-button smart touch delivers excellence of performance with easy switch of the 6 powerful sound modes.

Get Melofair Hearing Aids Now